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Permark UltraEnhancer®

Permark UltraEnhancer® Machine & Accessories

Permark UltraEnhancer® Machine & Pen

Permark UltraEnhancer®

The machine is powerful enough for all micropigmentation procedures including nipple-areola tattoo, scar and hair camouflage and permanent makeup


  • Speed Selection Knob (0-8000 RPM)
  • Manual or foot pedal operation
  • Foot pedal (variable or fixed speed)
  • Accommodates all Permark needles (12 sizes) and pigments (53 shades)
  • Straight design for maximum visibility and comfort
  • Reciprocating needle mechanism
  • Nose cones for accurate depth control
  • Can be sterilized by autoclave
  • Hospital grade power cord
  • Hospital grade medical casing
  • International voltage switch
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