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Integra® Breast Expanders

2-Stage Breast Expander

Suture Tabs

Anatomical Breast Expander w/ Suture Tabs

Integra® Breast Expanders

Integra breast expanders provide unmatched design features and characteristics for optimal results. With the two stage expansion models the Integra breast expanders provide greater lower pole projection to create a more natural anatomical expansion. Combined with the enhanced surface and optional suture tabs, the Integra breast expander will provide you and your patient with the results desired. The Integra breast expanders are available in a wide variety of standard shapes and sizes. If your patient has a specific requirement we are able to design a specialty breast expander to fill your patient’s needs. Please contact your PMT product specialist for more information.


  • Unique, low profile design
  • Designed for a more anatomical shape
  • Enhanced™ or smooth surface
  • Expanders can be developed for special needs

PMT Breast Expanders Provide:

  • Lower pole projection that expands for a more natural shape
  • A port which is easily identifiable through the skin
  • A unique Enhanced surface
  • A low profile design for easy placement and positioning

*For custom fabrication requests please contact your local PMT product specialist.


  • 3611 – Corresponds to Integra® various shapes
  • 3612 – Corresponds to Integra® breast shapes
  • 3616 – Corresponds to Integra® anatomical breast shapes


  • TruSite Port Locator
  • Fill Kit
  • Fill Needles available in 21 gauge

TruSite™ Port Locator

The TruSite Port Locator is a compact, hand-held probe that utilizes magnetic forces to locate the internal port. The TruSite locator must be used in conjunction with a TruSite Injection Port contained within an Integra tissue expander. The TruSite Port Locator is a multiple-use product is shipped ready for use in sterile packaging – no assembly or adjustments required. The TruSite Port Locator allows for easy port location by pointing at the center of the magnetic port. To mark the location of the port, simply depress the tip of the TruSite Port Locator into the skins surface.

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