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Sphenoidal Electrodes

Sphenoidal Electrodes

For over three decades PMT has been designing and producing quality electrodes and microwire for epilepsy procedures and research. Our unmatched signal clarity, product quality, and dependable customer service makes us an industry leader. With a large sales force spread throughout the U.S. and distributors around the world, we can be on-site to work with you to define products to match your specific requirements.

Sphenoidal Electrode Features

  • Supplied individually or in sets
  • Stainless Steel wire 20cm in length
  • Platinum wire 15cm in length
  • 1.8 meter cables
  • Uninsulated 5-7mm tip
  • Sterile, single use only

Available Options

  • Various needle lengths and gauges available (gauge availability 18-23; standard length 3”)
  • Various wire lengths available upon request
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