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Depthalon® Epilepsy Electrodes

Depthalon Placement Kit

Depthalon® Epilepsy Electrodes

PMT Depthalon electrodes come standard with a stainless steel stylet and are engineered with the first contact located directly on the distal end of the electrode. The electrode contacts are available in 5mm sizing with 10mm spacing or 2mm contacts with 5mm spacing. For other options, please contact your PMT representative or distributor.

Depthalon® Epilepsy Electrodes Features

  • Strong, welded construction for maximum electrical conducting
  • “Bullet-tip” electrode at end of electrode to aid in insertion placement and provide true distal recording
  • Sterile, single use only
  • Supplied with introducing stylet

Available Options

  • Mini and inline connectors available
  • Wide range of connector options
  • Choice of platinum or stainless steel contacts
  • Various contact-to-contact spacing options available
  • Contact sizes of 2.0mm and 5.0mm
  • Color coding available upon request


  • BRW/CRW stereotactic adapters
  • Stealth system adapters
  • Leksell system adapters
  • Anchor bolts for 3.2mm and 2.7mm drill holes
  • Various lead lengths available upon request
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