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CervMax™ CTO Cervical Thoracic Orthosis

Cervical Thoracic OrthosisThe CervMax™ CTO is designed to be used exclusively with the PMT® CervMax™ Cervical Collar.
Engineered for patients who require greater immobilization than a cervical collar alone can provide.


  • Increased comfort promotes patient compliance
  • Provides post-operative and trauma support
  • Limits range of motion while providing cervical support
  • The  CoolMax™ liner provides extreme comfort with moisture wicking ability allowing the skin to breathe
  • Belt style buckles for easy application
  • Slotted shell allows airflow and aids in breathability


Model 1625 - CervMax™ CTO Brace with anterior only support bar. Includes set of replacement pads.
Model 1625-0 - CervMax™ CTO Brace with anterior and posterior support bar. Includes a set of replacement pads.
Model 1625-5 - CervMax™ CTO Brace without a set of replacement pads
Model 1625-10 - Full set of replacement pads


The CervMax™ CTO is available in adult and pediatric sizes to be used in conjunction with ALL models and sizes of the CervMax™ Cervical Collar.


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