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Neurosurgical Epilepsy Electrodes

For over three decades PMT has been designing and producing quality electrodes and microwire for epilepsy procedures and research. Our unmatched signal clarity, product quality, and dependable customer service makes us an industry leader. With a large sales force spread throughout the U.S. and distributors around the world, we can be on-site to work with you to define products to match your specific requirements.

sEEG Depthalon® Epilepsy Electrodes


  • PMT sEEG Depth Electrodes are less invasive due to a smaller diameter (0.8mm).
  • sEEG’s are offered with removable stylet or permanent stylet.
  • PMT sEEG’s are available as nonmagnetic.
  • PMT sEEG’s are stocked on the shelf ready to ship.
  • PMT offers a blank cap to stop CFS leakage through the anchor bolts before sEEG implantation.
  • PMT sEEG Electrodes are available with 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 contacts.
  • Our anchor bolts attach to the anchor bolt driver and defies gravity during insertion. They are also designed to reduce rotation of the sEEG electrode during tightening of the cap.
  • PMT sEEG depth electrode placement procedure is shorter due to minimized steps for anchor bolt and electrode placement.
  • PMT offers stereotactic placement kits to work with nearly every major stereotactic frame/system.
  • PMT instruments all fit through a 2.4mm OD bushing allowing the elimination of reducing tubes.

For more information please contact your local PMT sales representative, 1-800-MANKIND or

Cortac® Cortical Epilepsy Electrodes


  • Available in all shapes and sizes
  • Sterile – single use only
  • 100% quality assurance
  • Strong, welded construction for maximum electrical conductivity
  • Unique “top hat” contact design
  • Inline tail passes through 13 ga. Tunneling needle Model #2105-5 (no charge with inline order)

Available Options:

  • Wide Range of connector options
  • Choice of Platinum or Stainless Steel contacts and line
  • Variable contact-to-contact spacing
  • Contact sizes at 2mm, 3mm or 4.5mm
  • Color coding available upon request
  • Hemispherical electrodes available upon request
  • Multiple wiring configurations
  • Various size and thickness options available

Depthalon® Epilepsy Electrodes


  • Strong, welded construction for maximum electrical conducting
  • “Bullet-tip” electrode at end of electrode to aid in insertion placement and provide true distal recording
  • Sterile, single use only
  • Supplied with introducing stylet

Available Options

  • Wide Range of connector options
  • Choice of Platinum or Stainless Steel contacts and line
  • Various contact-to-contact spacing options available
  • Contact sizes at 2.0mm to 5.0mm
  • Color coding available upon request


  • BRW/CRW Stereotactic Adapters
  • Stealth System Adapters
  • Leksell System Adapters
  • Anchor Bolts for 3.2mm and 2.7mm drill holes
  • Various wire lengths available upon request

Sphenoidal Electrodes


  • Supplied individually or in sets
  • 36-gauge Stainless Steel or Platinum wire, 30cm in length, un-insulated 3-5mm tip
  • Sterile, single use only

Available Options

  • Various needle lengths and gauges available (gauge availability 18-23; standard length 3”)
  • Various wire lengths available upon request

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